Speaker: Ms. Ann Kambara
International Business Consultant


President Barack Obama used an array of new media tools in the election campaign to deliver his message directly to the American people. Ann Kambara, director of the American Center, will discuss how President Obama kept in touch with his supporters, organized campaign workers and fundraisers and drew in a whole new younger, more tech savvy, generation of voters during the election campaign. She will also explain how these media tools are changing the image of the presidency, creating transparency and confidence in the policies of the president even though the actual messages do not always convey good news for the American public.

Ann M. Kambara assumed her duties as director of the Tokyo American Center, US Embassy, Tokyo, in August, 2008. Previously she was deputy Director of the Office of Investment Affairs in the US Department of State. Ms. Kambara is fluent in Japanese, Chinese and French as well as English.